Are you someone who loves to let your personality shine?

True Happiness Designs jewelry can make your everyday feel special. They are made to be worn however, wherever and with whatever you want. Effortless style is easy with these pieces.
The pursuit of happiness is different for every person, and it starts from within. The power of clothes and accessories can affect your attitude and the energy you project towards others. If you believe you look good, then you feel good. I also believe wholeheartedly, in being yourself. In being comfortable in your own skin and what you choose to put on everyday. My jewelry is definitely an extension of who I am, who I want to be and how I want to be perceived, I hope it can be that for you too.

Memories of vacations on Cape Cod as a child are when I was at my happiest. We would be at the beach all day long, playing in the water, making sand castles, walking along to the dunes all down the beach. Each part of the Cape has different beaches, some are fun for rock collecting, some have smooth sand for miles, but they all inspire my love for jewelry and the way I create my pieces. I love the laid back feel of the beach. It was such a stress free time, just being in the moment with friends and family, having fun. That's what True Happiness Designs is all about, simple but sophisticated beach inspired jewelry. The blues, greens, browns and grays of the beach mixed with my favorite metal, silver, combine to make pieces that elevate your personal style. Taking your everyday and making it more relaxed, fun and just happy. Happy to be present and enjoying the moment, even if that moment is shuffling through a busy day.

I have always loved fashion and jewelry, but I was never one to follow fashion rules, especially about accessories. Choosing  jewelry based on rules of when and how you are supposed to wear something, never felt right to me. If I wanted to wear the same necklace to work, a date or a wedding, I did. To be honest, I didn't actually know what the rules were...ignorance is bliss. 
I think True Happiness Designs started out of my ignorance, I wanted jewelry that I could wear with what I wanted and wherever I wanted. After I became a mom, I had more time to focus on these beach inspired designs that kept swirling around in my head. So I started playing around with jewelry, and suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about it. I bought as many books as I could and just started making stuff. I loved it so much. I am self taught and always looking for new classes and skills to master.

When I started, along with good quality and value, the thought that you should be able to wear jewelry that makes you happy, when and however you please, was my main intention. Some rules should be broken. 
If it makes you happy, then go for it!