Black Sands | Sterling Swarovski beach casual women’s necklace

I named it after the gorgeous black sand beaches of Hawaii. It’s casual and just an effortlessly pretty beach necklace. It can be worn with so many outfits, it will be your go to necklace for cool girl status, whether you're on the beach, a baby shower or a backyard bbq.

I hand formed sterling silver wire to my favorite shape for metal, the tulip. It’s then hammered and put in a tumbler with the hand formed clasp for strength and polish. Then I wire wrapped 2mm black, gunmetal and pastel grey Swarovski pearls.   ( which are Swarovski crystals that are layered with mother of pearl to imitate fresh water pearls)

I finished the necklace with a small grey tassel for extra casual playfulness. 
the chain measures 24 inches, and the pendant measures about 2 inches.