My Journey


My path to being a jewelry designer was not a usual one.

 A bit of free spirit ( although I've never really thought of myself as one ), I guess. I never found that spark of wanting to do something forever (at least felt like forever when I was a kid) I always thought I'd figure it out. Fast forward to leaving my corporate retail job after having my first child. It was easy to do, I liked my job, but I didn't love enough to go back full time.

I stayed home for a few years, had another child, watched my kids growing and becoming their own people. I started making jewelry as a hobby to keep me feeling like an adult. I loved it. I was doing craft shows, and making stuff for friends and family. When my kids became school aged, I worked some part time jobs for a few years here and a few years there. I was still making jewelry on the side, but I ended up being busier than I ever wanted to be. I felt pulled in so many directions, as women we wear many if not all the hats, there was never enough time in the day. Mom guilt, I think we all have it at some point, right?

I had to come up with something that made me soul light up, that could be flexible and have the freedom for my family, that I needed. I also wanted to show my daughter that life is short and you should be happy. I wanted her to reach for the sky with her dreams and show her how to live her best life. I was trying so hard to create a life that worked for me. I finally decided to stop trying to "have it all". It just wasn't who I was. I use the term Everything in Moderation, for a reason. My family comes first, always. So I decided the everything else either had to go, or needed to be reworked to fit into our lifestyle. I went all in on True Happiness Designs, believed in myself and I am so grateful that I did. Having it all to me is about being present in wherever I am at the moment, making memories and savoring ever second I can of this life, because we only get one. Not spending every second of the day doing busy or unfulfilling work.

 So when you wear a piece of my jewelry, I hope you are reminded to stay true to yourself, feel confident and happy. Feeling good is a state of mind, choose to live your life your way. Celebrate you, because you are awesome.

   Thanks for taking the time to read this and as always supporting me.



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