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About True Happiness Designs



True Happiness Designs Jewelry was created to inspire you to be be yourself, always. Happiness is being true to who you are. To do what you want, think for yourself, say how you feel and wear what makes you happy.

This jewelry isn't about shouting that from the rooftops ( but go for it, if that's your thing. You go, girl! ) 

It's a subtle nod to believe in yourself.

It's about what you see in the mirror. It's knowing that you are enough, just the way you are. Worrying about what others think is just wasted energy. That energy should be used for being happy. It's ok to care what people think of you, we're all human. This jewelry is about accepting who you are and knowing that you won't change or pretend you are something you aren't for those same people. Anyone who doesn't see that, is losing out. Your people are out there, and when you are unapologetically you, they will find you.

Always be true to you. Spread your badass vibes out to the world, and attract people that love those same vibes, with jewelry that gets you and always fits into your life. Your style is uniquely you, this jewelry is meant to show that style to world.

 Using hand picked gemstones and crystals for the positive energies they have and their gorgeous colors, I create simple but never boring styles that just make you feel good. They come together with Sterling Silver in an effortless casual way. High quality materials with simple old world techniques to lend a relaxed vibe into your crazy life. Let them tell your story. Anyway you choose.

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