• Lately I always seem to talk about finding your tribe and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. Well it's the truth, 100%. My friend Kristi fully believes in me and my jewelry. She loves what I make and buys from me a lot. It's a great feeling to know that your friends have your ba... View Post
  • Anyone who knows THD jewelry, knows I love Amazonite. But any semiprecious stone that is bright and colorful will catch my eye. My ultimate dream would be to own a bead store that I could just go buy so so many gorgeous stones to sell. But then I would be probably never make any money because I w... View Post
  • This has nothing to do with jewelry...

    Well maybe a little bit. On Saturday July 28th I am participating in the Run to Home Base at Fenway Park to benefit veterans in honor of my father. He's a Vietnam Vet and super proud of it. He chose to go back to combat after being shot instead of being sent home. The guys that he fought with ar... View Post