• Wire Wrapping, Saaaay What?

    In it's simplest explanation, wire wrapping is the technique of wrapping wire around itself or another component, to create a cold connection. Which is connecting two components together without using heat to melt them together. Threading a bead onto a head pin and then wrapping a loop at the top is considered the simplest wire wrapping technique. But there is also some insanely intricate designs that can also include wire weaving, meaning wrapping multiple wires around each other in different stitches like double ladder stitch, zig zag, double overlay, stitched weave and the brick stitch, and then wrapping that around a component. THD pieces fall somewhere in the middle, but a bit closer to the simpler side. I like my jewelry to be as easy as I like my life.  View Post
  • Peridot, the sunshine loving, happiness promoting, everyday wearing, positive vibing stone!

    Well I guess the title basically sums it up! But there's more.  It's a symbol of yearly renewal ( Paired with Smoky Quartz, it's perfect for 2021) Peridot is connected to the sun, which is why I love it so much. It's the Vitamin D of stones, wish we could drink it sometimes! It's said help you st... View Post
  • What's so smoky about Smoky Quartz?

    Smoky Quartz is the perfect stone for the pandemic of 2020. It's considered a grounding stone, which helps you let go of negative emotions. And it's just plain pretty too. View Post