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  • What the heck is a tumbler?

    Have you ever wondered how some silver is so much shinier and sturdier than other silver pieces? Well read this and you'll know. True Happiness Designs uses a tumbler for every silver piece of jewelry I make. I definitely prefer the finish it creates, as well as hardens the piece to retain it's shape. View Post
  • My newest obsession!

    My newest obsession is Swarovski's Crystal Pearl beads, they are luxurious looking with so many gorgeous colors, the combinations are endless! View Post
  • This has nothing to do with jewelry...

    Well maybe a little bit. On Saturday July 28th I am participating in the Run to Home Base at Fenway Park to benefit veterans in honor of my father. He's a Vietnam Vet and super proud of it. He chose to go back to combat after being shot instead of being sent home. The guys that he fought with ar... View Post