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Effortless Gemstones That Work for Geminis

Effortless Gemstones That Work for Geminis

Gemini, the third Zodiac sign, is from May 21st (Today! Happy first day of Gemini) until June 21st. And represented by the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek Mythology.

Gemini are known to be easy going, fun loving and flexible. They have a curious but sometimes over active mind. They can have a dual nature of being extremely social but also need their solace. They might also experience difficulty in decision making. They are fearless, confident, spontaneous and quick witted.  

Gemini should wear gemstones that enhance their unique energies and positive traits, but also clear out the negative energy around them.

If a Gemini is looking to balance out their dual nature, a minimalist Blue Lace Agate stretch bracelet is a great option for them. The healing properties can soothe, ground and chill as it turns up your inner strength. Wearing it everyday will put a smile on their face.


Wearing Citrine can help Gemini's connect to their inner sun and ride their positive vibes. Like Gemini's, Citrine is said to bring light wherever it goes. So a Citrine necklace can turn negative vibes into Gemini's good natured energy.


The easy and simple spiritual vibes of Amethyst make it a perfect choice for Gemini. It helps channel their energy. It brings a sense of clarity, higher thinking and calmness to the wearer. It complements Gemini's sharp wit, curiosity and intellect. A pair of Amethyst earrings would suit Gemini just fine.

                              Amethyst and Sterling silver wire wrapped tulip shaped earrings on top of a dark grey rock.


And last but not least, I want to talk about Aquamarine, which is a dream for Gemini. It's positive and clear headed cleansing vibes will dispel any negative energy they might have. The effortless beauty suits the flexibility and good nature of Gemini. A simple minimal necklace will strengthen the throat and heart chakras and bring healing properties to everyday. 

                                             TrueHappinessDesigns - TrueHappinessDesigns

Whether your a Gemini and feel like treating yourself or buying a gift for a cool Gemini in your life, these gemstone are the perfect compliment to the high energy of any Gemini and make the perfect gift.

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