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Good morning,

So I have been working on some new necklaces and bracelets for the spring. I will have pictures as soon as it gets light enough up here in the Northeast to take good pictures. My house is not big enough for a good studio yet, so I am at the mercy of the sun…

But I have been wanting to make more rings for a long time. I want to check out this video

It’s a bit more than I would normally spend on a video, so I will either have to break down and spend the $ or wait til it’s around for awhile and see if I can get it on Amazon for less. We’ll see.

I have wanted to make bezel rings forever!!! Like these beauties.

This one by Kathryn Cole can be found at

Handmade Larimar and Sterling Silver Ring by Kathryn Cole

I love this ring

Modern Sterling Silver Ring with Aqua Chalcedony, Silver and Stone Cocktail Ring, Stylish Design, Spring, Summer

This beautiful aqua calcedony ring by is made by EONDesigns. It’s so pretty! Check them out at

And this one by Louisa Gallery, found on

Rose Cut Blue Sapphire In 14K Yellow Gold Ring    A 14K handmade yellow gold band hold on one super stunning natural rose cut blue color sapphire (9mm x 8.4mm / 2.05ct) set in a 14K yellow gold open back bezel. This ring is classic and timeless for everyday use. The entire ring has been hand polished to give it shiny finish. This sapphire is high quality absolutely filled with luster and fire under light in every angles.    Want something that no body has and how about a great conversation pieces? be the envy of your friend with this unique pieces of designer ring featuring blue sapphire and collectable pieces !  $380

I have always been in love w/ bezel style rings since my husband and I went on his President’s Club trip to the Sundance Resort in Utah. I took a ring making class and made myself a pretty ring (that lasted about 8 years before the bezel fell out…my skills were not so good back then!!) I keep telling myself that once I get my own space in our new home (whenever that happens…) I will have more room for soldering and can finally get started. But really there is no reason why I can’t start now, except my own fear of starting something new…So my goal for 2015 is stop fearing myself and tackle some new things.

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