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Blog posts about trends annoy me, but also intrigue me.

Blog posts about trends annoy me, but also intrigue me.

I have to stop reading articles about the top trends of whatever year...

So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this post about an article on 2019 jewelry trends. Of course I opened it and read the article. I can't quote it because I don't even remember who wrote it. I think it was a lifestyle blog like Refinery 29 or Hello Giggles, but I am not 100% sure. And I will not be quoting them, so not sure how necessary it is that I link the article. Hopefully no copyright police are reading this...

Anyway, it talked about 6 trends for this year and one was big bold jewelry (the opposite of the kind of jewelry I make) which is fine, except in that paragraph about statement jewelry, it said that delicate "everyday" jewelry is out. Well that sucks for me I guess...all of my jewelry is everyday jewelry, ugh. Do people really follow these articles? I don't think those people are the people that buy my jewelry. ( insert fingers crossed emoji )


What is Everyday Style?

Back to the everyday jewelry not being in style anymore. So I guess my jewelry was trendy and I missed out on it? Well if you knew me, that's no surprise. That's my life, always a step behind the cool kids. But I like my jewelry, I have never been a trendy person and I am ok with that.

Rainbow Skies BraceletRainbow Skies Bracelet Walking on the Sandbar Necklace Walking on the Sandbar



I think these are super pretty and I would wear them every day.

Everyday style to me is effortless. I have a family, friends a job, I am constantly running around. I want to look good but I don't have time to figure out my outfit everyday. Take time to plan out what I look like when I walk out the door. I'm lucky if I actually have my kids in the car when we are going to their sporting events! But I want to look good. Not like I am that mom who thinks she's cool, but really isn't.

First impressions are real, whether they should be or not. I definitely make assumptions about people I see, good or bad. I want to make a good impression, I don't want people thinking "has that woman seen herself today???" Some people might call that shallow or whatever, but looking like I have my shit together is important to me. Because I don't, I am right now sitting in my pajamas not having accomplished the three things I wanted to get done by 9:52 Mon morning already. And stressing about the 25 other things I have to do today, that probably won't get done.

Do you feel me?

You make a to do list the night before and get all jazzed up because you "will have a productive day tomorrow. You get the kids to school and then you decide you'll just check facebook for 5 minutes before you start your list. And now it's 3:34, and you are pulling into the grocery store on two wheels because you have to get a full weeks worth of groceries  to get and pick up your child by 4pm. But if I put on some pretty jewelry, I might be able to pull it off. They will be to busy looking at my swingy earrings to notice I have a huge stain on my shirt...

Deep Sea Dives Earrings Deep Sea Dives Earrings

I create jewelry that makes me look better, faster. That just make me life easier. My life would probably be easier if I stop spending so much time trying to make it easier, but that could be a whole nother blog post entirely.

I am secretly hoping no one will notice that I am wearing the same shirt I have worn to last 5 things I have gone to, by wearing a pretty necklace. 

They can make your life easier too. Go buy yourself some pretty jewelry to make your life easier. 

True Happiness Designs  



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