Update on my office - sort of.

Hi all,

If you've seen some of my older posts, you know that my upstairs bathroom almost fell into my office downstairs. If you haven't, well underneath the shower was so rotted away, it was only a matter of time before it landed in the office. But that happened almost a year ago. I do have a new upstairs bathroom which I love very much! I am definitely jealous that it's my kids bathroom. And now my office has walls and paint, but not much else. Except I just had my husband put up these words of inspiration. Which makes me very happy. Sometimes I just hang out there doing nothing but look at the wall.

 But I need a new desk that will be for my laptop and designing. The desk in this picture will be for actually making my jewelry. The desk I have now is huge, my husband turned an old door into a desk for me. But it's actually too big for the room so I am looking into corner desks. Every time we have the time to go shopping, something else comes up. So here we are, this is what my office looks like as of today.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The light in that room is the brightest in the house, so to take pictures without a desk, I was improvising. And now there is crap, er stuff, all in it. That I haven't picked up or put back yet. 

Stay tuned, next time you see an update, it might actually be finished...who am I kidding, this is going to take forever.

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