Jewelry 101

So I am not an expert by any means. I like jewelry for how it makes me feel. I make jewelry that makes me feel good. I am still at 46 years old defining my style. My personal style and my jewelry making style. I do not follow the rules for the most I make what I like and hope other people like it too. But that also means I have a hard time talking about jewelry and being an "authority" on it. ( I am seriously struggling right now to write this post...) And I am the type of person who really doesn't like telling other people what to do. I guess some would say that I am not a leader (and part of me is ok with that) But the reason I don't actually like to tell people what to do is, I am kind of in the camp of I am going to do what I want anyway, and the only time I like people telling me what to do is if they are showing me how to do something/training in a new job/learning a new hobby etc... But once I am some what familiar with it, I am going to do it my way. And that may very well be the right/normal/best way everybody else is doing it. But it might also be the best way I am doing it. And no one else thinks that way. So here we are now, me struggling to write engaging content to show my jewelry to the world and have other people like it as much as I do. I only wear silver jewelry, so I make only silver jewelry. I am not a "hey world, look at me" type of person so I tend to not make big, bright, over the top jewelry. I am understated and so is my jewelry. But how do I "market" that concept. I am really having a hard time understanding it and figuring it out how to make people like it. I am still a work in progress, and so are my marketing abilities. Hopefully you will stay with me as I try and figure it out. There will be lots of misses but maybe a few hits a long the way as well.

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