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Moonstone is a perfect semiprecious stone for summer! And it's a happy stone, it should be the unofficial spokesstone (HA) for True Happiness Designs.

I have usually gravitated towards stones for their pretty colors only, you know that whole bright shine object syndrome thing. Mostly greens, blues and browns of course. If you've been around here for awhile, you know those are my favs. But I am a sucker for a pretty stone of any color and I am starting to learn more about the meanings behind stones and how they make you feel.

I think that as long you believe in the stones and their powers, you start to give off energy related to those powers. I use Peach or Grey Moonstone a lot because I like grey, white and peach together and the way they play off of each other. But I didn't really know much about the meanings and metaphysical properties until now.

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Moonstone is called the "New Beginnings" stone.

Moonstone is part of the Feldspar group, which are rock formations that consists of potassium, sodium and calcium. 

I like to think of it as a happy pretty stone, that makes happy pretty beads. It's said that it's a stone for good fortune, happiness, love, nurturing, abundance, safe travels.

You should wear it if you need inspiration, which means I should be wearing it daily LOL.

It is said to bring about success and good fortune in both love and work issues. It soothes emotions, helps with instability and increases calmness. 

It's good for inner growth and strength if you are going through a tough time and need some guidance.

It's comes in a variety of names and colors.

Blue Moonstone is transparent and contains a blue tone.

Rainbow Moonstone - has a milky patchy consistency. I am not sure why it's called rainbow because it's mostly white...

Green Moonstone - this is a more rare semi precious stone, it has a slightly hazy appearance in a pale green/yellow color. When I was looking for pictures of it, I came across dark green, light green, mint green and then this one, the 3rd picture in. I think this is super cool and I might have to learn how to bezel sooner than I thought. I need to have these!

Peach Moonstone - this one is my favorite. It comes in opaque and translucent ( I like both) as well as colors of honey, peach, or beige. It should have a white sheen to it and sometimes can have a cat's eye or star effect. 

Grey Moonstone - it's also rarer than blue, peach, rainbow and white. Like peach it can be translucent or opaque. I like the grey ones too. 

Here are some pictures in order of description.

 rainbow moonstonegreen moonstonepeach moonstone

I always gravitate towards colors that make me smile. I get feelings from stones, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I don't know if it's because of their metaphysical properties or I'm just a bit of a loon. But color makes a big impression on me. 

This simple but classic everyday peach moonstone necklace is an easy addition to your wardrobe. It can be worn to work or weekends. 

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That's my insight for the day.

Hope you enjoy it.


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