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Handmade sterling ear wires with aquamarine marquis shaped drops with small labradorite circles at the bottom. Hanging from a grey ceramic small bowl with fake xmas props

March is Aquamarine Month

It's also Bloodstone month, I know nothing about Bloodstone so I'm sticking w/ Aquamarine.

                                                                        photo by New Moon Beginnings

 It's named after the ocean for both it's color and benefits. It's also used to celebrate a 19th wedding anniversary. I don't know about you, but I got dinner for my 19th anniversary. And maybe a card, maybe not...  

But it is one of my favorite stones.

Aquamarine for Peace | Courage | Love

There's calmness in the ocean, the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the sand. Staring at the ocean can put things in perspective, it's hard to not to feel good when you're around the ocean. Things seem lighter, it gives you a better sense of yourself. Good vibes only.

It is said to be a stone for sailors because it has the ability to control the waters. It can give you the courage to believe in your inner knowledge.

Aquamarine is a symbol of young love. It will help you understand your partner and their needs better. It's about self love. Which everyone needs more of. Love and compassion towards yourself and those around you.

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