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What's so smoky about Smoky Quartz?

What's so smoky about Smoky Quartz?

Smoky Quartz is the perfect stone for the pandemic of 2020. It's considered a grounding stone, which helps you let go of negative emotions. And it's just plain pretty too.

Did you ever wonder where the names for things comes from? Me too. Smoky Quartz is called that because it resembles smoke, from the grey brown to the yellow brown color. According to the wispy brown hues come from exposure to natural underground radiation given off by granite deposits. If you search for smoky quartz, the first thing you'll probably see is that it's a grounding stone. Perfect for a pandemic, am I right?

Are you holding onto any emotional baggage related to Covid-19? Or anything else for that matter. Then Smoky Quartz is your stone. It's said to help you move on from difficult situations ( um, hello 2020!) The dark color is ideal for removing energy you no longer want or need in your life. Wear it to let go of sadness, anxiety, stress, fear or whatever is bringing negativity into your life. Let yourself be open to saying "see yah" to all those feelings!

I do believe that people possess energy that others can feel or sense. But if we intentionally choose to give off positive energy (by wearing certain things that make you feel like a badass) when things are out of your control, like getting cut of in traffic, being behind a person who chooses to pay for something in all quarters  in a checkout line, or specifically a pandemic that no one saw coming, you can let those feeling go. Happiness looks much better on you than negativity, for sure. 

So that is why I chose Smoky Quartz to be in first collection ever! We all need some grounding and the ability to let go of some serious negative feelings. Let's make 2021 our bitch. That's what so smoky about Smoky Quartz!

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